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Yamaha YDX Moro-Pro Medium


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Introducing the Yamaha YDX Moro-Pro Electric Bike.

Experience the perfect blend of style, performance, and eco-friendly transportation with this exceptional e-bike. Designed for off-road enthusiasts and mountain bikers, the Yamaha YDX Moro-Pro stands out from the crowd with its cutting-edge technology and robust features. Get ready to conquer challenging trails and enjoy the thrill of electric-powered riding.

Yamaha YDX Moro-Pro Key Features:

  • High-Performance Motor: The Yamaha YDX Moro-Pro is equipped with a powerful Yamaha PW-X2 motor, delivering up to 80Nm of torque and smooth power delivery. It offers five power modes, including an MTB mode that adjusts power based on the terrain.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: With its 500Wh battery, the YDX Moro-Pro provides ample range for your off-road adventures. The battery is easily removable for convenient charging.
  • Advanced Suspension System: The YDX Moro-Pro features a 160mm RockShox Yari RC fork and a RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ rear shock, providing excellent suspension performance and traction on rough trails.
  • Twin-Tube Frame Design: Yamaha's unique Twin-Tube frame design offers optimal balance, stiffness, and durability while maintaining a sleek and stylish appearance.
  • Integrated Display and Remote Switch: The e-bike comes with a compact and easy-to-read display that provides essential ride information. The remote switch allows you to change power modes without taking your hands off the handlebars.
  • Tubeless-Ready Wheels: The YDX Moro-Pro comes with tubeless-ready 27.5+ wheels, offering better traction, lower rolling resistance, and reduced risk of flats.
  • Shimano XT 12-Speed Drivetrain: The bike is equipped with a Shimano XT 12-speed drivetrain, ensuring smooth and precise shifting performance on various terrains.
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes: The hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable stopping power, allowing you to maintain control and confidence during descents and technical sections.

Experience the thrill of off-road riding with the Yamaha YDX Moro-Pro Electric Bike. With its powerful motor, advanced suspension system, and durable construction, this e-bike is built to tackle any trail. Embrace the excitement of electric-powered mountain biking and elevate your off-road adventures with the Yamaha YDX Moro-Pro.

  • MOTOR: Yamaha PW-X2
  • TORQUE: Up to 80Nm
  • BATTERY: 500Wh
  • SUSPENSION: 160mm RockShox Yari RC fork, RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ rear shock
  • FRAME: Yamaha Twin-Tube design
  • DISPLAY: Integrated display
  • REMOTE SWITCH: Power mode switch
  • WHEELS: 27.5+ tubeless-ready
  • DRIVETRAIN: Shimano XT 12-speed
  • BRAKES: Hydraulic disc brakes

  • A: The Yamaha YDX Moro-Pro motor can deliver up to 80Nm of torque, providing powerful assistance for conquering steep climbs and challenging trails.

  • A: The Yamaha YDX Moro-Pro is equipped with a 500Wh battery, offering ample range for extended off-road adventures.

  • A: The Yamaha YDX Moro-Pro features a 160mm suspension travel with a RockShox Yari RC fork and a RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ rear shock. This combination provides excellent bump absorption and trail-smoothing performance.

  • A: Yes, the Yamaha YDX Moro-Pro is equipped with tubeless-ready 27.5+ wheels, allowing you to run lower tire pressures for improved traction and reduced risk of flats.

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