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How We Started Rolling

Our Story

We're not just about e-bikes, we're about unleashing exhilaration, adventure, and smiles. Every ride you take, and every question you ask, sparks a genuine connection for us.

Our founder, Bobby, started the business for one sole purpose: to have fun and interact with people who are happy and excited about trying something new. With more than 20 years of corporate Account Management and Sales experience, the time had come to do something different and find a new path while starting a business that could grow and allow future entrepreneurs to learn and benefit from Bobby's experience. Rides N Motion was born. He craved sharing the contagious joy of e-bikes, building a community around two wheels and open smiles. That's Rides N Motion: hospitality on wheels, powered by passion.

We're a crew of customer-centric experts, obsessed with answering your questions, demystifying e-bikes, and finding you the perfect ride. We live for those "aha!" moments when you discover the freedom and fun on two wheels.

Rides N Motion is more than just a store; it's a launchpad for your next adventure. We're expanding across Arizona, bringing affordable thrills and friendly faces to every neighborhood. So, whether you're a seasoned rider or a curious newcomer, come roll with us!

We have opened multiple locations under the RidesNMotion brand, including two North Scottsdale Bike Shops located in McCormick Ranch and DC Ranch, our Flagstaff Bike Shop, and our Peoria Park West Bike Shop. We guarantee that our value prop is consistent. You can expect to receive the same support and service promised at your initial point of contact.

If you are looking to get out, find new adventures and experience the good times that are waiting for you, we look forward to meeting you soon.

- Bobby Corrales, Owner, and Founder of Rides N Motion

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Largest Selection of E-Bikes In the Valley

Unleash Your Perfect Ride

From sleek city cruisers to powerful mountain beasts, we've got your e-xcitement covered. Explore models from over 90 vendors from top brands like Gazelle, Big Sur, Aventon, and more.

Whether you're commuting, conquering trails, or cruising with the family, we have the perfect fit for your budget, preference, and riding style.

Forget one-size-fits-all! At Rides N Motion, we're all about finding your ideal e-bike match. Our expert team of consultants goes beyond just sales – we listen to your needs, analyze your budget and priorities, and tailor your purchase to your dream ride. No pressure, just perfect pedal power, customized for you.

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Ride Without Worries

Join the Rides N Motion Family

At Rides N Motion, we're committed to making your e-bike experience seamless, stress-free, and totally exhilarating.

Whether you're buying your dream ride or renting for a thrilling adventure, we've got you covered with perks and convenience that go the extra mile.

Here's how we roll:

  • Try Before You Commit: Come into the store and test drive your future ride. Rent any e-bike to discover your perfect match. Save on costs, explore different styles, and ensure you're making the right investment for your needs.

  • Delivery Straight to Your Door: No need to hassle with transport or assembly. We deliver both purchases and rentals right to your doorstep, so you can start riding as soon as the excitement hits.

  • Ride with Confidence, Not Headaches: Our 1-Year Free Service and Member Service Program ensures you're never left in the dark. Enjoy priority service turnarounds, expert support, discounts on future repairs, and assistance with any warranty issues. We're your e-bike family, always ready to roll!
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