Rides N Motion

"Why" as a business. To quote Simon Sinek, "People don't buy what you do or how you do it, they buy why you do it.

Our "Why" is easy! We are ambassadors of fun. We rent and sell fun and smiles. We are a network of customer-centric individuals who want the opportunity to earn your trust. Our primary purpose is to display, educate, service and answer any questions our customers may have about the new and exciting products we offer.

Bobby Corrales, the founder of Rides N Motion, started a business for one sole purpose: to have fun and interact with people who are happy and excited about trying something new. The only way we could achieve this is through a hospitality business model.

With more than 20 years of corporate Account Management and Sales experience, the time had come to do something different and find a new path while starting a business that could grow and allow future entrepreneurs to learn and benefit from Bobby's experience. Rides N Motion was born.

In a few short years, the business has evolved into an opportunity for like-minded individuals to provide a service that allows the customer to touch, feel and experience something they can typically only read about online. Our goal is to interact with every customer who comes in, calls, or inquires online. We provide an affordable product, educate them on the benefits of our multiple offerings, and in the end, earn their business.

We have opened multiple locations under the RidesNMotion brand, including a 2 North Scottsdale Bike Shop McCormick Ranch and DC Ranch, and Flagstaff Bike Shop. We recently opened Peoria Park West Bike Shop. We guarantee that our value prop is consistent. You can expect to receive the same support and service promised at your initial point of contact.

If you are looking to get out, find new adventures and experience the good times that are waiting for you, we look forward to meeting you soon. From e-bike rentals in Scottsdale and bike rentals in Flagstaff to tours of the Scottsdale area.

Bobby Corrales, Owner, and Founder of Rides N Motion

Bobby corrales at desk with computer

Bobby Corrales riding phat tire scooter in a tunnel