Discovering the Best Electric Trail Bike for Your Next Adventure




Discovering the Best Electric Trail Bike for Your Next Adventure

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The trails are calling, and the right e-bike will help you answer!

For people who want to cover as much land as possible on their next adventure there's no better way to travel than with an electric trail bike. E-bikes for courses are quiet and smooth but still pack an assisted-motor punch to propel you up hills and down trails.

But not all e-bikes are made for trails. From different hardware to frame weight to tire shape, some e-bikes are specially designed to tackle rocks, inclines and bumpy rides.

Here is everything you need to know about e-bikes for trails!

Why take Electric Trail Bike on your Next Adventure?

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There are many benefits to using an e-bike on trails! This type of e-bike offers a smoother ride without sacrificing downhill speed and agility.

Benefits of Using E-Bikes for Trails

  • You can cover more ground with the extra pedal assist. A handy motor will propel you up steep inclines so you can enjoy your trail rides - even during the climb. Gone are the times you're too exhausted to take on another hill!
  • A trail e-bike can include full-suspension shocks, absorbing uncomfortable bumps, divots, rocks or uneven surfaces as you pedal through rough terrain.
  • Most e-bikes for trails have a smooth and quiet motor assist, so you don't need to worry about disturbing the peace as you ride down a nature path.
  • E-bikes help keep biking groups together. Even biking groups with significant level differences can stick together because e-bikes for trails can set a consistent speed regardless of how hard you can pedal. No need to wait several minutes for newbies to catch up!
  • E-bikes for trails make mountain and trail biking much more accessible. Regardless of how long you've been biking, you have a simple way to tackle hills and rugged terrain.
  • You still get to work up a sweat. Even though the pedal assist takes care of the hard part, you still move your body and work your muscles for an extended time. This is an easy and approachable way to add more activity to your daily routine.

Types of Electric Trail Bikes

There are a few types of e-bikes that are excellent options for scaling rocks and navigating technical dirt paths. So here are our favorite kinds of electric mountain bikes for hitting the trails!

Consider a Full-Suspension Electric Mountain Bike for Trails

Picture a standard mountain bike with a significant upgrade! These e-bikes have two shocks for maximal shock absorption on the trail. That makes this e-bike a smart option for those who predict some bumpy, technical terrains in their future.

Electric Trail Bike Pros

  • Full suspension e-mountain bikes provide optimal comfort and control on rough and technical trails. The suspension system helps absorb impacts and bumps, reducing fatigue, increasing stability and protecting your backside.
  • They improve traction by keeping the wheels in contact with the ground. This better grip gives riders more confidence to ride steep descents or loose surfaces with control.
  • These bikes excel on technical trails with obstacles like rocks, roots, drops or jumps. The suspension helps to absorb impacts and maintain traction for a wildly exhilarating ride.

Electric Trail Bike Cons

  • These bike frames tend to be heavier than hardtail frames because they have more parts. The added weight can make the bike feel less agile and more demanding if the pedal assist fails.
  • These bikes are generally more expensive than hardtail e-bikes due to shock system upgrades.
  • The cost of maintenance and repairs may also be higher, considering the suspension components.
  • The full suspension system may decrease speed and efficiency on smoother terrain since it's made to tackle difficult terrain instead of being light and streamlined.

Hardtail eBikes for Trails

Hardtail e-mountain bikes have front suspension but no rear suspension. While slightly less smooth than the full-suspension e-bike, a hardtail e-bike is still an efficient and fun option for biking on trails. If you plan to e-bike on loose but relatively easy paths, this is a cost-effective yet appropriate e-bike to consider.

Electric Trail Bike Pros

  • Hardtail e-mountain bikes are generally lighter and more efficient than their full-suspension counterparts since the lack of rear suspension sends the pedaling power directly to the rear wheel for better pedaling efficiency.
  • Hardtail e-mountain bikes are more affordable than full-suspension options. They have fewer components, making them simpler and less expensive to manufacture.
  • The lighter weight and improved pedaling efficiency of hardtail e-mountain bikes make them better suited for climbing. Tackle challenging ascents knowing your bike is performing at the top level.
  • Hardtail e-mountain bikes are generally easier to maintain with fewer components and require less frequent servicing than full-suspension bikes.

Electric Trail Bike Cons

  • The absence of rear suspension means that hardtail e-mountain bikes can transmit more vibrations and impacts to the rider, leading to a potentially less comfortable ride on rough or rocky trails. Extended periods on bumpy terrain may result in increased fatigue and discomfort.
  • Hardtail e-mountain bikes can have reduced traction on technical and uneven trails, making it more challenging to maintain control and grip. You may spin your wheels a little on steep climbs or moderate obstacles.
  • If you're looking for a maximally smooth ride, there may be better bikes for you. The absence of rear suspension means that your body absorbs more impact and vibration while riding, potentially exacerbating existing tailbone or back issues.
  • Hardtails aren't your best bet for aggressive downhill riding, handling large drops, or jumps. If you plan to spend some of your bike ride suspended in the air, opt for a full-suspension e-bike.

Fat Tire E-Bikes for trails

Less popular than the other two e-bikes for trails, this one still deserves an honorable mention. Fat bikes got their name thanks to their significantly larger tires that act as a shock suspension system so you can smoothly navigate rougher terrain. These are great bikes for those who want to ride on smooth, bumpy terrain efficiently.

Electric Trail Bike Pros

  • Electric fat bikes have wide, knobby tires that provide excellent traction on multiple terrains, from loose gravel to sand and snow.
  • Electric fat bikes are incredibly versatile and excel in off-road environments year-round. Tackle rugged trails, snow-covered paths, and sandy beaches with ease!
  • The wide tires and lower tire pressure are great for beginners who want an easy way to start their journey using e-bikes on trails.

Electric Trail Bike Cons

  • Electric fat bikes are heavier than traditional mountain bikes due to their wider tires and larger frames. If the pedal assist gives out or the battery dies, it can be tough to pedal.
  • The wider tires of electric fat bikes provide stability but can also impact maneuverability and responsiveness, particularly when compared to narrower-tired mountain bikes.
  • Fat bikes aren't particularly fast, especially on smooth trails.
  • You may need specialized bike services, as it's a less-popular bike type with unique needs.
  • Riders need to monitor tire pressure more than standard tire sizes and adjust tire pressure according to trail conditions to optimize performance and prevent damage.

Top Electric Trail Bike Choices:

Here are our favorite e-bikes for trails. Whether you want to purchase a bike or test out a few by renting an e-bike, these are great models to consider for your next trail adventure.

QuietKat Rubicon Jeep E-Bike

QuietKat Jeep e-bike for Trails

The QuietKat Rubicon Jeep E-Bike combines the thrill of off-roading with the convenience of an electric bike. This rugged and powerful, dual suspension e-bike is built to tackle any terrain, from rocky trails to sandy beaches, allowing riders to explore nature with ease. With its fat all terrain tires, robust motor, long-lasting battery, and durable construction, the Rubicon Jeep E-Bike delivers a comfortable and exhilarating ride, making it an ideal companion for outdoor adventures and off-road exploration.

Mavric Matador

Mavric Matador e-bike for trails

The Mavric Matador Electric Bike is not your average e-bike. It's a game-changer, a true hybrid cross that combines the best of both worlds. Designed to excel in diverse environments, from urban streets to off-road trails, the Matador offers a unique riding experience that defies boundaries. Discover the exceptional features that make the Matador the ultimate hybrid cross

SmartMotion Catalyst

Smartmotion Catalyst e-bike for Trails

The SmartMotion Catalyst is a hardtail electric mountain bike with a powerful and smooth riding experience. Its robust motor, long-lasting battery, and versatile features provide riders with an enjoyable off-road adventure while maintaining control and comfort for smooth commutes.

Yamaha YDX Moro-Pro

Yamaha E-Bike for Trails

This full-suspension electric mountain bike is designed for off-road enthusiasts, with their sights set on challenging mountain terrain and technical trails. The Yamaha YDX Moro-Pro uses a powerful motor, advanced suspension system, and durable frame to push through rugged trails, technical descents, and challenging terrains, providing riders with exceptional performance, stability, and control.

Yamaha Torc

Yamaha Torc E-Bike for trails

The Yamaha Torc is an electric hardtail bike well-suited for all-terrain adventures. With its lightweight design, responsive motor, and easy-to-use controls, it can tackle easy-to-moderate trails for versatile recreational riding and commuting.

Surface 604 Werk

Surface 604 Werk E-Bike for Trails

This bike is responsive enough for easy dirt or gravel roads but light enough to be an efficient urban or city commuter. You can have the best of both worlds with a sleek design, powerful motor and long battery life. There are better bike models for steep inclines or technical trails, but we highly recommend this bike if you want a great trail/commuter bike. The 604 Werk also has two racks for ample cargo storage!

Surface 604 Shred

Surface 604 Shred E-Bike for Trails

With a full-suspension system and sturdy frame, this electric mountain bike is built for trail enthusiasts. The high-end and durable components thrive in rough and technical terrains, allowing riders to take on challenging trails with confidence and agility.

Surface 604 Quad

Surface 604 E-Bike for Trails

Another versatile bike, the 604 Quad, can be enjoyed on trails, streets and paths. The hardtail frame is better for less-technical courses but still universal enough for dirt and gravel roads. The all-terrain tires are great for anything from mud to dust.

SmartMotion Hypersonic G5

SmartMotion Hypersonic 5g E-Bike for Trails

The SmartMotion Hypersonic G5 is a high-performance, full-suspension electric mountain bike designed for adrenaline-pumping off-road experiences. With its powerful motor, responsive suspension, and sporty design, it easily tackles intense trails, jumps, and technical descents.

Ready to hit the great outdoors by bike? It's time to check out some e-bikes for trails! From renting some e-bikes or diving into an e-bike purchase, Rides N Motion will get you in the bike saddle and on the trail. Checkout our locations to find a shop location near you, or browse online!


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