Electric Bike Styles: Which One Is Right For You?




Some people want an easier time climbing dirt trails before they rip down a mountain biking route. Others want a convenient way to pick up groceries during rush hour. Some just want a fun and active Saturday afternoon.

All of these people are looking for e-bikes, but the bikes we’d recommend to each of them are significantly different.

Do you know what type of e-bike is best for your unique needs?

Here are the most popular electric bike styles and a breakdown of how they can improve your transportation and recreation game!

Which Electric Bike Styles Are Right For You?

E-bikes are growing in popularity across the world for several different reasons:

  • The motor assist makes it easier for people to travel longer distances and pedal up hills effortlessly.
  • They are an eco-friendly form of transportation as they emit zero emissions.
  • It's an accessible way to be active, increase fitness, and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Unlike cars, regular ride-shares or public transportation, e-bikes are relatively affordable, especially with less maintenance and fuel costs.
  • They are just plain fun!

But within those benefits, different types of e-bikes stand out for different people. So the best way to identify which e-bike is right for you is to understand the pros and cons of each style of electric bike.

Electric Mountain Bikes

photo of an electric mountain bike

What are Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric mountain bikes are made for the trails. Their high suspension frame absorbs a lot of the shock you can experience on the track, and the wider, highly-treaded tires of mountain e-bikes are designed to tackle the rocks and dirt you find on mountain trails without slipping and sliding.

Best Electric Mountain Bike Uses

While you can use electric mountain bikes on almost any terrain, they perform their best while off-road and on dirt trails.

These types of bikes are best for individuals who are looking to up their mountain biking game and get some more mountain miles in before tiring out. It's also great for covering more ground in less time.

Anyone who loves a downhill route but doesn't love the required steep uphill climb, this bike is for you!

Best Electric Mountain Bike Models

Mavric Matador RNM Special Edition

This electric mountain bike has a moto-cross-inspired frame and a full-suspension shock system. With speeds up to 28 mph, this class III e-bike may have less trail access than other class I-II options. However, the battery charge can last up to 75 miles for long days on the trail.

Yamaha YDX Moro

This sleek, modern take on a mountain bike has a low center of gravity, so you can easily handle rocky trails and switchbacks. This full-suspension model is great for all levels of mountain biking and, at a max of 20 mph, is allowed on most biking trails. The 4-hour battery charge also ensures you can take on even longer distances.

Surface 604 Shred

This electric mountain bike is an excellent option for people who want a high-quality choice that is more affordable. It also is compatible with two different types of batteries, so you can choose from a standard charge or upgrade to a more powerful option.

E-Mountain Bike Pros

  • Electric mountain bikes prioritize high maneuverability to tackle technical mountain trails.
  • E-mountain bikes are designed to absorb shock and provide a smooth trail ride for minimally sore backsides!
  • E-mountain bikes have a less bulky battery and motor system for a more streamlined ride.

E-Mountain Bike Cons

  • Due to all of the extra bells and whistles on electric mountain bikes, they can come with a higher price tag.
  • If you run out of battery on the trail, it will be much more challenging to maneuver than a standard bike.
  • Standard bikes may have more access to trails than electric mountain bikes, as some mountain trails have banned e-bikes.

Folding Electric Bikes

Lower portion of a man riding an Aventon Folding Electric Bike

What are Folding E-Bikes?

The work commuter's and city dweller's dream, a foldable e-bike is the solution for anyone who thinks their life doesn't have space for another big item. Foldable e-bikes can be packed into a considerably smaller form that is easy to carry and store almost anywhere. Bring these bikes on buses, subways, compact cars, closets or under desks - no need to chain them outside!

Best Folding E-Bikes Uses

Folding electric bikes are great for individuals who want a highly transportable mode of transportation you can carry around like a briefcase. These foldable models are perfect for working professionals who want a convenient commute but don't want to leave their bike out where it can get damaged or stolen. It's also great for people who live in small living quarters that don't have space for a big bike.

Best Folding Electric Bike Models

Aventon Sinch

Great for commutes, dirt road rides and more, this foldable e-bike has fat tires and front suspension to give you the best of both worlds. This compact electric bike can fit in your closet, car trunk and under your desk, meaning it's almost infinitely portable!

GoCycle G4i

This foldable e-bike option prioritizes a smooth, quiet ride, making it a fantastic work commuter. It also folds down to a size you can easily carry and store. With a battery that can power this bike up to 40 miles, it is a stylish, dependable foldable electric bike option.

Mavric Misfit

The Misfit has a powerful battery and motor assist, providing a range of up to 45 miles per charge. It features a durable aluminum alloy frame that can fold down into a carryable size but doesn't sacrifice quality or comfort with front and rear suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, and a 7-speed Shimano transmission.

Folding E-Bike Pros

  • The most significant advantage of a folding electric bike is its portability. It can be easily folded and carried on public transportation, making it an excellent option for those who want to pair their e-bike with other forms of transportation. It can also be stored in a small space at home or the trunk of a car.
  • With a folding electric bike, you don't have to worry about finding a parking or locking spot since you can bring it with you.

Folding E-Bike Cons

  • Other e-bike options may have stronger frames and can take on more rough terrain. Foldable bikes are usually only appropriate for flat and paved roads.
  • The battery life limits the range of a folding electric bike. Although most e-bikes range from 20-30 miles, this may not be sufficient for longer rides or commutes.

Cruiser Electric Bikes

What are Cruiser E-Bikes?

A cruiser electric bike is a great option when you just want to enjoy a day pedaling with a view. These bikes are ergonomically built to accommodate a comfortable upright riding position and often have a step-through frame for easy mounting.

Best Cruiser E-Bike Uses

This type of e-bike is perfect for individuals who want an easy, leisurely ride with maximum comfort. The fat tires and casual ride experience are perfect for beach path routes or rides through the park. In addition, cruiser electric bikes usually don't hit high speeds, so they are also a great option for anyone apprehensive about adding a motor assist to their biking routine.

Best Cruiser Electric Bike Models

Electric Bike Co Beach Cruiser

This Beach Cruiser has an easy-to-use step-through frame and a 750-watt motor, providing up to 28 mph pedal assist. In addition, it features a comfortable riding position, wide tires for navigating boardwalks or cracks in the road, and front and rear lights. It also has a big front basket and a rear rack, making it a stylish and practical option for errands.

Michael Blast Outsider

This retro motorcycle-style cruiser is an easy-to-operate option with style. The fat tires create a smooth ride, and the long list of color combos is perfect for people who prioritize a cool look as much as a quality ride.

Magnum Cargo Bike

The Magnum Payload electric bike is designed for easy cargo transportation, featuring a sturdy rack that can carry up to 220 pounds with a range of up to 55 miles per charge. This makes it a practical and eco-friendly alternative to a car for running errands or transporting goods.

Cruiser E-Bike Pros

  • This style of e-bike prioritizes a super comfortable and smooth ride overall.
  • The shape of the bike allows the rider to stay in a casual, upright position while pedaling.
  • Cruiser electric bikes often embrace the cute, retro style that standard cruiser bikes embody.

Cruiser E-Bike Cons

  • These bikes do not prioritize portability in their designs. They tend to be a bigger and heavier option compared to other e-bike styles.
  • Cruiser e-bikes don't reach high speeds, so they are more suited to bike paths over roads with cars.

Commuter Electric Bikes

What are Commuter E-Bikes?

Tired of driving to work or errands every day? Skip the traffic and cramped parking lots with a commuter e-bike. Commuter e-bikes have light frames and a streamlined design to get you from point A to point B quickly and efficiently.

Best Use for Commuter E-Bikes

Commuter e-bikes are designed for urban living, city streets and busy commutes. They are an excellent option if you aim to replace your car commute as much as possible. These bikes are the grocery-getting, work-going, errand-running bikes you can depend on.

Best Commuter Electric Bike Models

Diamondback Response

This sleek commuter bike fuses the flexibility of a standard bike with the convenience of an e-bike to create an amazing daily commuter. You'll see a lot of the hardware brands you know and love (Rock Shox and Shimano, to name a few) built into this model, as well as a powerful battery and motor that can power you to class III speeds of 28 mph.

Aventon Level.2

The Aventon Level Commuter electric bike is designed for both commuting and recreational riding, featuring a comfortable riding position, lightweight aluminum frame, speedy motor and powerful battery that provides up to 60 miles per charge.

Surface 604 Colt

The Surface 604 Cult is your meat-and-potatoes commuter bike that offers an all-around convenient and dependable daily commute. This e-bike has a rear rack for easy corgi transport and a streamlined design for efficient navigability and speed.

Commuter E-Bike Pros

  • You can enjoy easy cargo-carrying options for backpacks, work items, or groceries.
  • Commuter e-bikes are faster, lighter and more powerful than other e-bike options.

Commuter E-Bike Cons

  • Thanks to the speed, efficiency, and convenience of commuter e-bike designs, they tend to be a pricer option.

Step-Through Electric Bikes

What is a Step-Through E-Bike?

Step-through electric bikes are built with all ages and abilities in mind. The thoughtfully-designed drop frame offers an easy way to mount the e-bike for individuals who don't have a high range of motion. It is also a popular option for individuals who feel more apprehensive about riding a bike at higher speeds.

Best Uses for a Step-Through E-Bike

A step-through option is excellent for shorter or older people who have difficulty swinging their legs over a standard bike frame. This can also reduce nervousness about starting and stopping the bike while avoiding falling over or injury. Once you're comfortable on the bike, it offers the same high-quality ride that other e-bike styles provide.

Best Step-through Electric Bike Models

Aventon Pace 500

The Aventon Pace 500 has a step-through frame design that makes it easy to mount and dismount. It features a powerful motor, a long-lasting battery, a comfortable saddle and an option for either throttle or pedal assist, making it a fun choice for commuting or leisurely rides.

IZIP Path + Step-thru

The IZIP Path Model has a significantly accentuated step-through frame for maximum comfort starting and stopping your ride. With front suspension and class I speeds, this option is a great all-around ride for people looking for an everyday commute or relaxed recreation.

Surface Rook

The Surface Rook can tackle gravel roads and steep hills while offering an easy way to start and stop your journey with the step-through frame. This option is great for trips around the town, some multi-terrain riding, and leisurely rides with friends.

Step-through E-Bike Pros

  • The drop frame creates a simple way to mount the bike.
  • The design is easy to use for all ages and abilities.

Step-through E-Bike Cons

  • The steeper frame can minorly impact the balance of the e-bike, making them less suitable for rough terrain.
  • They can be slightly heavier than other e-bike styles.
  • The unique step-through frame can make it slightly more challenging to customize the bike with other add-ons like a water bottle holder or rack.

From whipping down dirt trails to cruising across a paved street, everyone wants different things from their e-bike. Do you know what styles of e-bike are best for you? Stop by Rides N Motion or visit our website for demos, rentals and sales of the most current styles of e-bikes.


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