Top E-Bike Accessories To Enhance Your Electric Bike




Do you remember growing up with your first bike? There was that exciting time when you meticulously chose a bell with the right tone and clipped playing cards to your spokes for that exciting wrrrrrrr sound as you pedal. Taking the time to customize your bike made the experience feel much more personalized and fun.

Now, you can do the same thing with your e-bike! Several great e-bike accessories can enhance the safety and quality of your e-bike ride.

Here are our top 10 e-bike accessories you should consider getting for your electric bike.

Top 10 Electric Bike Accessories for All eBike Riders

From maximizing your battery power to making your e-bike more comfortable, these e-bike add-ons will make your bike feel one-of-a-kind.

Bike Lock

Serfas bike lock product image

Why get a bike lock?

Cycling on an e-bike is one of the most freeing feelings in the world! Until you have to park it somewhere. Unfortunately, bike thefts are a part of life, making your quick stop at a coffee shop feel like an anxiety-inducing mission.

With the right bike lock, you can reduce anxiety and enjoy your stops around town, knowing your bike is safe. Our rule of thumb is if your rear isn’t in the saddle, your bike should be locked. So whether it’s a quick grocery store run or a lounge in the park, a bike lock is always a good idea. We even suggest keeping your bike locked in your garage, backyard, or house to protect your bike against break-ins.

While it’s best to leverage a pole or bike rack to lock your bike, bike locks are even helpful in keeping your e-bike unrideable until you’re ready to hop back in the saddle. All you need to do is weave the lock between the essential hardware, so you can’t spin the wheels. Many people choose to do both!

Types of bike locks:

To ensure your wheels aren’t usable by unwanted riders, the Kryptonite Ring Lock With Flex Mount fits around your tire to hinder any bike movement when locked. The 58 mm fit accommodates several bike tire sizes.

The Serfas Suburbs Chain and Mini U-Lock will offer peace of mind for long periods of dependable protection. With 10mm thick links, a protective nylon sleeve, and a 13mm thick shackle keyed mini U-lock, this bike lock has multiple layers of protection.


Thousand bike helmet product image

Why get a helmet?

If we can’t convince you of the importance of wearing a helmet, the horror stories of lasting brain injuries will. Experts estimate that helmets cut the risks of severe traumatic brain injury by half when riders suffer a brain injury. So regardless of rider age, caution levels, bike speeds or cycling location, everyone in a saddle should have a helmet.

Helmets are your #1 protection always to use while riding your e-bike, so make sure you have one you want to put on.

Types of helmets:

The Thousand Helmet comes in several trendy colors, so you never feel geeky throwing it on for your ride. The sleek style comes only second to the promise of creating a life-saving, durable, dependable helmet design.

This helmet has all the bells and whistles you never knew you needed. The Sena R1 / R1 Evo Smart Communications Helmet connects to your phone for easy control, so you never have to take your hands off the handlebars to answer a call or listen to music.


Nite Rider Swift Bike light set product image

Why get a light for your e-bike?

Light the way on your next evening or early morning ride! Having a light on your e-bike does two critical things for your safety:

  1. Light your way so you can see everything in your path during low-light times of day or night.
  2. Notify oncoming cars of your presence.

We highly recommend having bright lights on both the front and back of your bike to ensure you’re as visible as possible on the road - even if you only plan to cycle during the daytime. You don’t ever want to be caught in the dark!

Types of lights:

The Nite Rider Sabre 110 is a rear seat light that has six different light modes to ensure you are seen by any drivers behind you. This light fits easily on most bike seat post types and is rechargeable by USB cable, so you never need to worry about changing batteries.

The Nite Rider Swift 500 is a front handlebar light that will improve your vision and keep you on the radar of nearby drivers. This powerful light maxes out at 500 lumens so that you can see well, even in unlit areas. The beam angle is adjustable to your liking, and this light is USB-chargeable.

The Serfas Light Combo will get you the two essential lights on your bike in one handy pack. The front light in this duo has 600 lumens for a powerful beam of visibility, and the rear light has 60 lumens - enough to be seen by drivers quickly. These lights have 90-hour run times and a helpful daytime flash mode.

Bike Pump

Why get a bike pump?

Nothing is more exasperating than heading out to hop on your bike for a quick ride only to realize that your tires are deflated. But if you have a pump handy, that’s only a minor inconvenience! Keeping a bike pump and checking your tires before every ride will decrease your chances of finding your tires are too flat to ride during your excursion.

Types of bike pumps:

The Park Tool Floor Pump is designed to expedite the tire inflating process. It features a sturdy steel barrel and base, a comfortable handle, and a precise, easy-to-read pressure gauge.

The Sunlite Surge Comp G Floor Pump is a reliable and durable way to keep your tires full. It has a high-flow aluminum barrel and can measure tires up to 160 psi.

Rearview Mirror

Why get a rearview mirror?

A rearview mirror is one of those e-bike additions you didn’t know you needed until you got one. Rearview mirrors add extra safety when making turns on busy streets with cars and offer more visibility for people with less neck mobility or balance. Instead of twisting your head around mid-cycle, you can check the mirror to see if the coast is clear.

While you can choose to use a mirror on both sides of your bike’s handlebars, even just including one on the left side of your handlebars will give you a good look into whether you can merge and give you a good understanding of your surroundings.

Types of rearview mirrors:

The Mirrycle Bar-End Mirror connects to your left or right grip end for easy application and has great visibility. The mirror is fully adjustable, so you can ensure you have the best visibility for your height.

The Third Eye Bar End Mirror is a no-frills, small addition to your handlebars that doesn’t take up too much space while offering elevated visibility.

The Serfas Handlebar Mirror has two options for both your right and left handlebar. Choose one or both to boost your awareness of your surroundings as you cycle significantly.

Phone Mount

Delta phone mount for electric bikes product image

Why get a phone mount?

There are PSAs everywhere telling you not to text and drive - that is just as important for cycling! Fumbling with your phone for texts, GPS abilities, and calls will take your eyes off the road and your concentration away from the best safety practices.

A phone mount will get your phone out of your hand and onto a much more helpful way to operate. Whether you need to follow directions or watch messages, your phone is only a glance away.

Types of phone mounts:

The Delta SmartPhone Holder Delta X Pro has a discreet design that keeps your phone low and out of the way while still being easy to check. The super tough stretch fasteners ensure your phone stays put. The design also includes Garmin and Wahoo adapters, so you can choose what type of GPS and fitness system you use.

The Delta Hefty+ Deluxe Phone Holder is a great option for phones in bulky cases. This design can accommodate almost every phone type.

Panniers and Baskets

Why get a pannier or basket?

Make sure your e-bike can work for you! From running errands to carrying supplies for a park day, your e-bike should work as transportation even if your arms are full. Panniers and baskets are the perfect way to maximize your bike’s storage capacity.

While most understand a handlebar basket, a pannier may be new. An e-bike pannier is a type of bag specifically designed to be attached to the rear rack of an electric bicycle (e-bike). It carries various items, such as groceries, work supplies, or personal belongings, while riding the e-bike.

When you upgrade from a standard bike to an e-bike, your baskets and panniers may not be compatible. Unlike regular bike panniers, e-bike panniers are designed to accommodate the larger batteries and motors found on electric bikes and the bulkier and heavier frames than those on traditional bikes.

Types of e-bike storage options:

The Axiom Seymour Oceanweave Exp 15+ Trunk Bag attaches to your rear rack with velcro straps and uses a thermal-lined interior to create an insulated main compartment perfect for keeping drinks cool or food warm. This design includes two additional pannier bags that unfold for more carrying space. It’s also a great sustainable option - this pannier is made from recycled fishnet polyester.

This Banjo Brothers Rack Bag is secured to your rear rack with adjustable straps for a custom fit. This expandable bag uses durable fabrics to create an insulated bag with multiple reflective accents for visibility.

The Sunlight Bottom Mesh Basket is a classic design that fits many goods easily accessible at your handlebars. The mesh bottom ensures that small items don’t slip through the cracks, and you can customize the look of your basket with different colors or shapes.


Topeak Electric Bike Accessory Fenders product image

Why get a fender?

Nobody wants a muddy or dusty bottom after an e-bike ride! Adding a fender protects your backside from any dirt, dust or mud flicked up by your tires. Fenders are designed to fit the front or back tire and help your bike stay clean, even on muddy trails.

Types of fenders:

The Topeak Defender Fx/Rx 279er Set has a front and rear tire fender to protect you and your bike from trail mud and dirt. With easy installation and removal, you’re only seconds away from a cleaner ride.

The Muckynutz Butt Fender is great for anyone taking on some seriously muddy trails and mountain biking. The thicker design will catch anything you kick up. It also has a super simple velcro installation that fits on most bikes.

Comfortable Saddle

Why get a saddle?

Even if you only ride for a few miles, we promise you’ll feel it tomorrow. Even though it’s fun to laugh about, saddle soreness is no joke. So minimize the discomfort of biking around with a super comfortable saddle! Whether adding a cushion or finding an extra comfy saddle to add to your e-bike, that small change can make all the difference the day after a long ride.

Types of saddles:

The Cloud 9 Comfort Saddle Seat prioritizes your backside with generous foam padding anatomically designed to offer support right where you need it. It also has a vent for maximal airflow and cooling.

The Serfas Tailbone unisex design uses memory foam to offer maximum comfort and support for your sit bones. The four-way stretch Lycra outer fabric keeps you dry and behaves like a second layer of skin to avoid chafing between the rider and saddle.

Investing in quality accessories can significantly enhance your riding experience on an electric bike. At Rides N Motion, we offer a range of top-rated electric bike accessories, and we encourage you to check them out when you decide to enhance your ride!


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