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Introducing the Surface604 Shred: An Affordable Electric Mountain Bike

Electric mountain bikes have long been associated with hefty price tags due to the engineering and specialized components required for off-road riding. However, as technology advances, brands like Surface604 are revolutionizing the market by offering high-quality eMTBs at more affordable prices. In this blog post, we'll take a deep dive into the Surface604 Shred, an electric mountain bike that combines low cost with impressive off-road performance.

Electric Bike Report provided an outstanding review of the Surface 604 Shred. Here's the highlights from their most recent review

With the Surface 604 Shred, Affordability Meets Capability

With a starting price of just under $3,000, the Surface604 Shred stands out as an affordable option in the eMTB market. This bike takes a frugal rider's approach to trail-capable electric mountain biking, without compromising on performance. Let's explore the bike's specifications and how Surface604 has carefully selected components while keeping costs down.

Impressive Features of the Surface 604 Shred:

Surface604 has done an outstanding job of designing the Shred to be both capable and cost-effective. Here are some standout features of this electric mountain bike:

⚙ Comfort-Minded Geometry:

Unlike some eMTBs, the Shred features a more laid-back geometry, making it suitable for older riders or those seeking a more comfortable riding position.

⚙ Thoughtful Component Selection:

Surface604 has carefully chosen affordable yet trail-specific components for the Shred. This ensures optimal performance without breaking the bank.

⚙ Upgraded Suspension Fork:

For riders looking to tackle more serious trail riding, Surface604 offers an upgrade option for the suspension fork. The Wren suspension fork provides enhanced performance and control.

⚙ Enormous Battery Capacity:

The Shred comes equipped with a 960Wh battery, offering an equally enormous range. This extended battery life ensures you can conquer longer rides with confidence.

⚙ Fine-Tuned Torque Sensor:

Surface604's use of a torque sensor is crucial in making the Shred work off-road. It provides a responsive and harnessable riding experience, enhancing control and efficiency.

⚙ Considerations to Keep in Mind:

While the Shred offers an impressive blend of affordability and performance, there are a few considerations to note:

⚙ Rear Weight Distribution:

Due to the hub motor, the bike's weight distribution is shifted toward the rear. While this is generally not noticeable during light trail riding, it can affect balance in more technical situations.

⚙ Power Delivery:

Although the torque-activated hub motor delivers immediate power, it may not match the performance of a mid-drive motor specifically designed for trail applications.

Technical Specifications and Features:

To give you a comprehensive overview, here are the electrical, weight, and component specifications of the Surface604 Shred:

⚙ Battery: 48V, 14Ah (672Wh) or 48V, 20Ah (960Wh)

⚙ Display: Color LCD

⚙ Motor: 500W Bafang rear hub motor

⚙ Headlight: Buchel integrated

⚙ Taillights: N/A

⚙ Pedal Assist: 5 levels with torque sensor

⚙ Range: Up to 65 miles (claimed)

⚙ Throttle: Thumb throttle

⚙ Weight: 65 lbs (claimed)

⚙ Maximum Rider Weight: 285 lbs

⚙ Brakes: Tektro E-350 hydraulic disc brakes, 180mm rotors front and rear

⚙ Fenders: N/A

⚙ Fork: SR Suntour XCM, 130mm of travel, or Wren inverted suspension fork

⚙ Frame: 6061 aluminum

⚙ Drivetrain: Shimano Alivio 9-speed

⚙ Grips: Rubber lock-on

⚙ Saddle: Selle Royal

⚙ Handlebar: 740mm wide, 15mm rise, 31.8mm clamp

⚙ Stem: 90mm, 31.8mm clamp

⚙ Tires: 27.5" x 2.8" Kenda Havok

⚙ Wheels: 36-spoke, double-walled rims

The Surface604 Shred is a game-changer in the eMTB market, offering a combination of affordability and impressive off-road capability. Surface604's careful selection of components, torque-activated hub motor, and optional upgrades make the Shred an attractive choice for riders seeking a cost-effective electric mountain bike without sacrificing performance. Whether you're a trail enthusiast or a budget-conscious rider looking for a reliable off-road e-bike, the Surface604 Shred is definitely worth considering.


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