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Aventura X

Aventura X

Removable Batteries

Aventura-X EV2000 scooters are equipped with high-quality 60V20AH Lithium-ion removable batteries. Similar to an iPhone, you may charge your battery at home using any electrical wall outlet. With the purchase of an additional battery, you will have the ability to add an extra 35 miles to your trip.

Save Money

Using electricity instead of gas to power your scooter is cheaper and more efficient. Additionally, the Aventura-X EV2000 does not have any internal combustion engine parts such as spark plugs, transmissions, radiators, oil and fuel filters, exhausts, and other gasoline-specific components. As a result, the cost of maintaining an Aventura-X EV2000 is lower than gasoline-powered mopeds. Our electric scooters have regenerative braking, which uses the electric motor to do much of the braking. This helps save the brake pads and rotors in our Aventura-X EV2000, further reducing maintenance costs.

Help the Planet

By choosing to drive an Aventura-X, you are helping reduce harmful air pollution from exhaust emission. An EV2000 has zero exhaust emission. Reduced harmful exhaust emission is good news for our health. Better air quality will lead to less health problems and costs caused by air pollution. Our line of Aventura-X is also quieter than petrol/diesel vehicles, which means less noise pollution.

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