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Electric bikes are a wave into the future. Phat Rides USA opened in 2017. The inspiration behind opening it was the enthusiasm of electric bikes. When people of all ages would ride they were delighted about how much fun it was to ride. The enthusiasm spread. The trails, the lifestyle, the innovation is what lead to the opening of Phat Rides USA. People ride for different reasons. Some people ride throttle only, other people have other challenges that they serve so many needs, we had to open a store. With hundreds of models to choose from, Phat Rides USA bike rentals and sales have handpicked the best rated for rental and sales experience. The electric bike will help you find your edge while pushing yourself to go further than you have ever experienced. Our electric bikes last 40-55 miles, depending on how one rides. This means you can travel longer distances while still receiving all of the health benefits of strength building and cardio.