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  • Model: Wheel Brightz
  • Year: 2021
  • Price: $28.99

Brightz Up Your Future!

Friends are calling. Your family beckons. Adventure awaits!

Whether you’re suiting up with Bike lights to cycle down the block or across the country; whether you’re barbequing over an open flame in your backyard or deep in the woods; whether your Man Cave is in your basement or a mountainous cavern, Brightz has all the lighted accessories for making you the show-stopper.

Wrap your bike in our top-of-the-line LED Bike Lights AKA Wheel Brightz and blaze a trail all your own. Or light up the ice in your cooler with Cooler Brightz and customize your corn hole with one-of-a-kind Toss Brightz.

From Cosmic Brightz to Bug Brightz to Everyday Color Brightz, we have what you want to step up your game. From party time to play time to down time; let us be your Brightz Spot!

You Had a Brightz Idea!

Now Brightz are not merely just bike lights, our customers have used Brightz in ways we hadn’t even imagined; you know, until they sent us a photo and then we were like ‘oh yeah, we totally thought of that before you did!’ Not only have they used them as LED bike lights, they’ve used Wheel Brightz on top of kitchen cabinets and as under-mount lighting below the cupboards. They’ve put Go Brightz on skateboards, inside cars, and in game rooms. We’ve seen Bug Brightz wrapped around trees, stuffed in mason jars and set on picnic tables, inside tents, on patios during summer parties, and adorning the draping, tables, and aisles of weddings and receptions. Ever thought of using Cosmic Brightz on your boat or kid’s scooter? What about your teenager’s bedroom or your college student’s dorm? Our customers have! Brightz have lit up sidewalks, decked out Man Caves, lined basketball hoops and backboards, and turned campgrounds into something magical. Your golf cart, toolbox, and riding mower never looked so good!

  • Brightz bike wheel lights for bikes fit on most cycle models – for kids or adults.
  • Your imagination is pretty much the only limit.
  • Our products install super easy with only a screwdriver.
  • They are light weight & weather resistant.
  • We make ’em to last using durable ABS plastic.

View our Gallery to get inspired and see our full list of lights and accessories in our Shop. We can’t wait to see what Brightz ideas you come up with!

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